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Upcoming/latest shows 2014

Date: August 1st

City/Country: Rejmyre/Sweden

Venue: Skogsröjet

Info: T/W. Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Steel Panther and more.


Date: October 10th

City/Country: Norrköping/Sweden

Venue: Dynamo

Info: Release party for 'This Is Not Goodbye'!

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Latest releases

1. Godeater
2. Nemesis
3. Another Me
4. King Of Lies
5. Borderline
6. Blind
7. Amor Fati
8. Purity's Fall
9. Sh(e)vil
10. Brainwash Divine
11. Postponed

Release date: 2010-10-20

Record label: Supernova Records

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